1. Beautiful Shape

Which one would you prefer between those 2?
While machine crafted design just fills fonts in the given space, hand crafted design carefully considers the balance of holistic design, which makes the difference as below, even though both use the same type of character (In-So-Tai).

Inso-tai:hand crafted
Inso-tai:machine crafted

The right one is machine crafted.
  • The rim is too bold and uneven.
  • Characters are not well balanced.
  • Shape of characters are blurred.
  • Surface is not precisely flat, so you won't get perfect stamp.
  • Anyone can get exactly the same design at any franchise shop.

2. Risk of Copying

In a cheap franchise shop, anyone can get exactly the same design as its data is digitally provided from a franchise headquarters. Thus there always certain risks of forgery. Even if it's not a franchise, machine crafted "Hanko" (Seal) are still easy to copy by scanning the design or by finding the same font set.
No hand crafted “Hanko” (Seal) can ever be the same and neither can it be copied by any machine, especially the many characters that are attached to the rim.

3. About the Rim

While the shape of a Hanko's material looks like a perfect circle, it actually has tiny distortions at the micro level. Hand crafted Hanko produce delicate lines around the rim by carefully tracing its material edges, so a carved design is beautifully embossed. Machines just carve Hanko on assumption of its shape as a perfect circle, so the width of the rim cannot be even. Differences of the section will look like below.

section:hand crafted
section:machine crafted
These pictures explain how hand crafted Hanko are sound despite its delicate design, where machine crafted Hanko is relatively fragile.

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