• Hanko As a Japanese Cultural Gift

    To authorize documents, we use hanko (seal) next to our signature. It may not be an official thing in Western society, but it could also be a great gift idea as a taste of Japanese culture.
  • Casual Use of Hanko

    Stamp your hanko (seal) next to your name on a greeting card. Or even use it as your signature.
    It looks nice to use hanko (seal) for the sealing of envelops as well.
  • Signature of Artwork

    Have you seen hanko stamped on the end corner of Nihon-ga (Japanese traditional painting) paintings? Using hanko as their signature, this is proof of authenticity of the Nihon-ga artist’s work.
  • As An Official Signature

    The effect of stamping the hanko means it exists as the only one in the world.
    Contract Documents, Certificates, etc. become official by getting stamped.
    For business situations, using hanko can be a great security measure for preventing counterfeit documents and fraud.
  • As a Company Logo

    Use the digitalized stamped hanko image as a logo mark. Then it can be used on anywhere.
    We use the same method for this website.