1. Rough Sketch

This is where the designer's creativity works the best. At the end of the process, the design is captured on a computer and makes the design more bold than its actual shape.

2. Rough Carving (using carving machine)

A carving machine does the first rough carving. At this stage, its shape is expressionless and the rim is uneven.

3. Finish Carving

This process requires a designer's skill set. The sealing surface is carefully carved to infuse spirit to the Hanko (Seal). For In-So-Tai, it makes its rim thinner and leaves trim characters for the finest possible embossment.
Trim the rim
The first touch of the finish carving
Flattening the sealing surface with Tokusa – a special sanding material
Making another touch.

The second touch of the finish carving
Test sealing


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